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01.18.2012 , 11:26 AM | #19
I haven't had any trouble with any class quests/bosses at all, as a dps arsenal merc. Kiting is difficult with our skill structure, But we have a good selection of melee escapes for stuations like this. Talented rocket punch + jet boost tends to keep him away while you're hitting him with your hard attacks. Having Mako geared and on med watch keeps you healed really well. I can't remember what level you are around that area, but my normal rotation for a gold melee attacker who starts close is: rocket punch and jet boost for damage and distance + slow, tracer till he's in melee range again (3X or so), rocket punch once it's off cd, then unload (more slow), tracer 2 more times, rail, all the time using rocket punch and jet boost whenever they're off cd. Throw in electro shock whenever you can, and keep the tracers going. They do great damage and build those debuffs. If you're anywhere around the wuest level you shouldn't have any trouble at all. With our damage output and makos healing, we should very rarely have to kite, and our abilities make that a losing prospect in a long fight anyway, since our best damage moves root us for extended periods.