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Just finished it on hard mode. Its hard - atleast the last two bosses. And trash? They are a little bit overpowered with their stuns.. So overpowered in one case I had a permanent stun put on me (only removable by my unleash talent)

All I can say is.. Bioware, Im disappointed - is there anything other than the random aggro feature in your instances? Its so anti-melee and so anti-tanking. For the last boss you don't even need to tank the two adds whilst they die as they hit for hardly anything.

Last boss drops head, bonus boss (robot) drops head too. Also had an epic lightsaber drop.

All in all, good fun, different encounters but needs a bit of work to make it more manageable for tanks. Saying that Jugg is broken having to use a DPS tree to tank.
I feel the same way about jugg . Bosses dont do damage to even qualify needing the stuff in the tank tree. ive thought about going pure DPS for tanking. you do loose a taunt though.