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01.18.2012 , 10:37 AM | #8
I just soloed Normal Mode with my Merc + Mako using a little bit of creative thinking. Anyways the chests up to the last boss dropped level 48 blues ala the other level 50 FPs and the final chest dropped level 51 Xenotech Stalker's Legguards equal to Tionese but non set.

Instance as a whole isn't very long, you can skip quite alot of the trash. There is a bonus boss and hes fairly easy to activate (kill 50 mobs, turn on 6 antennas).

Completing the instance continues the Tion Hegemony quest into another FP called Lost Island but when you talk to the droid it tells you the Flashpoint is not in the game yet and to check again after the next major update.

Won't get to do hard mode till later when friends log in :/. Theres some weirdness going on with the color crystals too. Did the Rakata weapons not used to have Black-Red crystals or am I imagining things?

I would assume it is going to drop one of the missing Columi pieces on HM, thats what Main Hands (unlikely), Helms, and Belts?

PS: The last boss did seem completely underwhelming, they need like twice the health they have. So did the turret event. The instance was not very difficult to solo on normal except for the Behemoth.
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