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Ok, I have read through the forums and I have seen people's opinion on this. I think there is a lot of misunderstanding about this system.

First, when people are saying they want the /roll option they are talking about being able to type /roll and the game will give us a number and who ever has the highest number loots the boss. This is different than the 'need' 'greed' 'deconstruct' options. With the need/greed option, this is where you CAN have a problem with ninja looters in the game. They can roll on an item that is for their pet and get it over someone who needs it for their own gear. With the /roll option, the way I have used it in guild is that if we have 3 members that need it, they type /roll and whoever rolls the highest gets the gear. Whoever is master looter gives the person that won the roll the item, and this means you don't have to worry about someone that 'needs' an item and the game giving it to them. The master looter won't give it to someone that is rolling on gear they don't need. Another example, say we have 4 people that can use/need an item and one of them just got a drop, we let them know they can't roll as they just got a drop and the remaining 3 roll. This eliminates miss-clicks on the need/greed system and prevents people from ninja looting.

I understand how you think the current system works for PUGS but it really doesn't. In a pug, the current system isn't taking peoples' specs into account AND the system has no way of knowing if a person plans on respeccing. It's giving dps gear to healers and vise versa. Even if you set it up to take spec into account, you have no idea what a person's plans in the future are. Maybe someone is specced dps for a run to help out but is really after healing gear as a main spec, the dps spec gear is wasted on them. Maybe they are working on crafting a piece of gear better than the drop and don't want what dropped. They have no option to pass. You can say that a person shouldn't run a different spec, but some of us like to respec but don't want to take gear from people that use it as a main spec.

As for PUGS, most not all, most people end up in a guild and if they do, they should pick a guild that they like and they trust the officers loot decisions. And even for PUGS, you quickly learn who is a jerk on a server and know not to run with said jerk. I have found even the people that are not in guilds end up pugging with the same people on their server, the ones they like. And if you do join a group with a known jerk, they know not to let that person be master looter.

At least give us the option of turning off the current loot system and using master looter and giving us a /roll in game. This will make everyone happy. The people that are worried about ninja looters and the people that prefer master loot. If we have the option we can use or not use it.

I have 8 ticked off guildies that got gear they didn't want over people that did want it on their first few runs in NM and they are not geared enough for hard modes. It's discouraging to go on a run to have fun and get lottos and then have the lottos go to someone else. It is mostly about the fight, but getting a nice piece of loot makes it just a little more fun. Watching said loot go to someone that doesn't want it is kind of like giving the lactose intolerant kid the ice-cream and letting the other kid watch him eat it.