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01.18.2012 , 10:23 AM | #1
There is no point in asking BW because no one knows when BW is going to fix things. So if anyone can help us, we will really appreciate it. BTW exact same thing happened in a hard mode pug with me.

Pylons got locked (which I do understand why as in some other thread I learned that South needs to be done first) but when we want to retry the boss we just cant. They wont reset. We all went out several times, spam reset the raid, disbanded, rejoined, reset to hard mode, again reset to nighmare mode, still pylons are locked.

Does this means that once you fail at pylons you are locked for the week and cant complete the raid?!!!! (on other hand I think it will be a good punishment for failing at the easiest boss hehe :P)

Are we doing anything wrong? We have zero issues in trying bosses again even if they have some random bug which kills players, we have no issues in trying anything 100000 times but how can we try if we cant even reset and play. Please help someone. Is there a way to reset it. Thanks!