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It really just sounds like unfamiliarity with raiding in general and the new material you were facing. You admitted to largely being pvp-oriented, and the playstyle in pve and pvp can be vastly different.

Operations require more diligent teamwork, positioning of bosses, and avoidance of damage. Healing is not 100% your healer's job, everyone needs to know what mechanics they can avoid to reduce incoming damage. Standing in bad stuff, not line-of-siting certain mechanics, etc, can ruin a raid experience. If the boss turns big and red, he's enraged and will 1 shot people because you didnt kill him fast enough - this is the dps check. I've run EV the last 2 weeks in a row with little difficulty.

Edit: Also be sure that everyone is in their proper roles; a pvp dps-spec'd juggernaut has no business standing toe-to-toe with a raid boss as the tank, just as a madness spec'd sorcerer has no business serving as a healer in this sort of content. Each person needs to be spec'd and geared specifically for the role they intend to serve. This may be different from the pvp hybrid specs a pvp-oriented guild may be accustomed to.

The only 'bugs' we experienced involved the boss not spawning after the towers and mobs were down, Gharj not sinking each island normally, and then not granting weekly quest credit upon his death to half the raid. The 'Death Pod' or 'Suicide Pod' as we like to call it is a known random occurrence, and I'm not entirely sure it's a bug and usually gets 1 or 2 people each time - laugh it off over vent, come back, pick a different one.

Failing at your first attempt does not make you bad, nor does it necessarily mean that bugs are to be blamed - inexperience does not equal bad. Try again, watch out for mechanics that can be avoided, and you'll figure it out!
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