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I already forgot most of the things in the first post, but I'll back him up a little bit on a few of the issues.

The front left escape pod will kill you more times that it will not. Do not take that pod. We have not had this issue with any other pods.

After finishing an attempt on Gharj, regardless of if you wipe or if you kill him, there are times where people will randomly get oneshot. This does 0 durability damage and while annoying, does absolutely no harm and usually causes laughs. It usually lasts for a few seconds and people will get picked off one by one, but can be res'ed and you can move on.

The camera twitch bug is a well known bug, I've almost died to it a couple times but haven't actually had it kill me yet. Sometimes your camera will just randomly spin and your character with it.

Gharj not resetting after a wipe is a known bug. Just reset your phases, redo trash, and kill the boss. It doesn't happen most of the time, but sometimes it does.... and it's annoying.

Now, regarding people not finding their way.... that's just bad playing. The starting area is an oval no bigger than 50 meters with only 1 path leading out which is clearly shown almost nomatter where you are standing on your minimap. Super easy to find your way to the boss... and your way around the instance as it is a linear path with no possible way to get lost since you can only go 2 ways, either forward, or back to where you were.
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