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its working as intended, its Biowares solution to ninja looters.

**** solution but its a solution none the less.

and i have been stung with this not getting loot issue in norm many times, you just get used to it in the end. i dont do it for the loot anyway, i just like killing ****
While I have no problem running normal EV over and over, it can be seriously off-putting to those who do not get geared out after running it multiple times. While HM FPs are a great alternative (which is what my commando friend has had to resort to), you want to go through the thrill of doing an operation and then getting the loot.

Look, I know a lot of people say you should play for fun and not the loot, but loot is half the reason I do ops. If EV had no loot, I'd probably run it once or twice and never again.