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The only issue is they were still selling the game stating upto 5 days early access when really it is looking like anyone who ordered in december would get only 1 days early access. The date should have been changed to show if you buy the game now youll get upto 4 days early or 3, 2, 1 etc. They should not be able to state upto 5 days when its no longer upto 5 days because you would have ahd to preorder way before you purchased it on that day. I can see some frustration but i don't mind as long as i get at least 1 day. If you read what they said from other sources it wasn't misleading but it should have stated that 5 days was no longer available when you made your purchase if that was the case. But not to worry we will all be playing soon enough
Up to 5 days means "less than or equal to 5 days"....even now BioWare doesn't know how soon people will get in.