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01.17.2012 , 11:59 PM | #6
It really isnt that bad, yes bugs do exist but theyre doable. Issues such as failing to find a location or running off a bridge are not those of bioware, sorry I refuse to believe there is a camera panning bug and in any case im sure you could have waited till you made it off the bridge.

The first boss 1 shotting people is probably either them standing in the red zone and being oblivious to the fact that a 5k ticking dot is spawned on them, or that they were targetted by a lock on skill and didnt use a defensive cool down (in HM that skill can 1 shot people but by no means in NM assuming decent gear).

Although bosses failing to spawn and combat being buggy are different issues which are biowares fault, the failure of your experience was compounded with bad play tbh. And yet I am sure the only reason such bugs occured is because on your wipes people tried to be smart by doing things such as in combat stealth or running away from the fight, if you all just die on the location of the fight then it practically never bugs. I know because ive seen my own raid bug it and then all agree to not try and be smart and thus no more bugs occured, I say this as someone who has done 16 man EV, nm EV twice, and HM EV twice. Bugs do exist but it really isnt all that bad as you make it seem.