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Bane was the one to think up the Rule of two. Deceive the brotherhood of evil to create the thought bomb and destroy all the Sith and lots of Jedi.
As far as devious, Bane wins. Got everyone to believe the Sith were extinct, brought them to power as his plan for conquest was set in motion 1000 years before Sidious.
As far as force mind powers, not even his apprentice an adept at mind powers could stop Bane.
Sidious weakest Dark lord of the Sith. Killed his master in his sleep.
If you even read the Seires you would know by the logic of the Rule of Two Sidious win's automatically.

Anyway, Sidious is the most powerful Siht Lord. Bane was very powerful, don't get me wrong. But Sidious was immortal, and could create Force Storms that could make planets a living Dark Side Ball.

So don't argue about Sidious vs Bane. Its Bane vs Windu.

Windu wins in lightsaber combat, thats an absoloute. A force battle on the other hand, if Windu finds a shatterpoint in Bane's armor he could use it against him.

Actually the armor itself was the greatest advantage and weakness for Bane. If he went into too much rage it would nearly kill from the raw Dark Side Power. Maybe WIndu would... piss him off enough.
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