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01.17.2012 , 11:16 PM | #5
Guess it was our bad guild that caused the following during our first EV run.

1. Zoned in and people randomly died while exiting escape pods
2. Kiled the trash and turrets to have the 1st boss not spawn twice causing us to reset the instance and clear the trash/turrets again until he magically spawned.
3. Cleared to the lava boss and had to reset the instance twice (And reclear all of the trash) because we wiped, were stuck in combat and could not reenter the zone. (Guess that was a feature)
4. Got to SOA, learned the fight and had pillars fall on the boss but not knock him out of shield. (Guess that's another Feature or our terribad play that caused that issue)

The raid game in this game is a bugfest and Bioware either does not have a QA Department testing thier raid game or they just shoved it out to the door knowing it was buggy.