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Quote: Originally Posted by Murdertrane View Post
Re-read the post.

Especially regarding the mouselook inexplicably making my character turn. Never happened before. Ever.

My post had absolutely -nothing- to do with the content and its difficulty--other than the confusion over a lack of target-of-target and combatlog.

It's bugs. Pure and simple.

But congrats on the chance to waggle your epeen with the "we killed everything ezpz." In your haste to congratulate yourself, you missed the entire point of the post.

its not bugs, im not waving my epeen

im telling you ive done the raid several times, including the 1st time with undergeared people and done all bosses without a death.
Its not the difficulty level, and its not bugs.

Your also blaming bioware for stuff that has nothing to do with them, like failing to find the instance.

You also say that using the mouse that way HAS NEVER CAUSED YOU TO DO THAT, and likely it never will.

Guess why, because you did something to stuff up and suicide.
You can tell your guildmates all you like it was a bug, and blame bioware.

Truth is you stuffed up. Congrats.

You guys were disorganised and played badly, look up the encounters before you go in and you will know what to watch out for.

Randomly 1 shots us all, is most likely enrage.

You will of cause not be happy with these replies because no one likes to be told they were bad and its their fault, just like you didnt want to tell your guildmates u ran off a bridge.
Blaming the game is MUCH EASIER, your the one padding your ego here mate.