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01.17.2012 , 10:37 PM | #2
you guys just sound bad to be honest

did all 4 bosses 1st run with under geared people without a death

wiped on last boss after figuring out the mechanics and the drop down series

next night came back and finished boss.

hate to say it but i dont believe alot of the above was bad game, but bad gaming

i mean come on he couldnt find the zone into in 20 minutes of being guided, either he is bad, or the guiding was bad.
these bosses mysteriously 1 shotting you is probably the enrange timer because you failed to kill him quick enough.
I doubt its the bosses normally, as we have killed them all no issues AT ALL.

getting stuck in combat and not sure who is in our out ?

running back and failing to control your character ?

Really bioware i guess its your fault ....