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01.17.2012 , 10:26 PM | #1
So I've got a 50 gunslinger and a 47 scoundrel that I pretty much exclusively PvP with.

Guild decided to give raiding a go tonight so 16 of us jumped into EV.

My experience:

After clicking the drop pod, I crashed into the ground and died.

Had someone with graphics issues. Couldn't run the weather effects. So we got another person. Took them about 20 minutes to figure out how to get to us, even with direciton.

We killed the first boss pretty easily, but there were a bunch of just random deaths. No graphic, no emote. Just boom tic dead. No target of target = inexplicable.

Cleared the trash to the second boss. Wiped a couple times. Someone got locked in combat. Nobody could zone in for about half an hour even though we were all alive outside.

Did another droid pull. Somehow I managed to die. So I zoned back in and ran back across the bridge. While running across the bridge, I panned my camera with left click+drag (which has ALWAYS moved ONLY the camera and NEVER changed my character direction). But of course, for some reason, left click+dragging the camera made my character turn and I fell off the bridge instead of the camera springing back behind me like it's done the other 75,000 times I've done it. More waiting.

Killed the hounds. Made it to second boss.

Wiped on him the first pull. Waited at door for the wipe to finish. Fell over dead on the Republic fleet. No debuff. No message. Just 100Hp one sec. 0 the next. No combat log = inexplicable.

Made it back to him for another pull. Wiped again. Hey, it happens. This time everyone was out of the instance. Combat was over. And nobody could log in. "You can not enter during combat." error. Stood around 20 more minutes trying to figure out *** happened. Decided to try it again by re-forming the raid.

Went in, and as could be expected, first boss was dead, but all trash was back up. Had someone say "F it" and logged. Got another DPS. Stood around 20 minutes waiting for them to figure out how to get to us--even being directed in vent. Got everyone together. Cleared the first 4 droid pulls. Couple people died. Whole raid stuck in combat.

Went to clear next mobs, few more died. Couldn't rez in combat. One more pull, half the raid's dead and still stuck in combat even after everything's dead.

Finally we just said screw it.

I love this game. I have had a blast. The story quality is unmatched in any MMO to date.

I'm also a long-time MMO vet. I've played betas/launches of virtually every mid-to-major MMO release in the past 12 years.

It makes me sad to say it, but this was without a doubt the worst raid experience I have ever had.

I'm embarrassed to have referred PvE-oriented friends to this game.

I've overlooked many of the other bugs--daily/weeklies not updating after warzone wins, random crashes, disappearing mail, etc. But this just broke me.