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01.17.2012 , 07:59 PM | #35
Ok so a couple of things I am noticing on this topic that people keep bringing up that if you put in a little time to learn it you would find out that its a lot more useful that people make it out to be.

1) If you go to /who and type LFG in the search box it will bring up every person in the game that is LFG.

2) You can turn on LFG in the botton left of the /who panel and add a comment of what you are looking to do etc. as well.

3) Every planet has a place that you can take to transport you to the fleet where the flashpoint entrances are allowing you to do dailies and quest while LFG.

Using the tools given to me I find groups for FP and Heroic missions with relative ease. It takes little to no effort to pull up /who and search LFG. If you are 3/4 members ask someone to do a quick GC in the fleet for 1 more. A lot of times people wont join newly starting FP runs and only want to join that are near full.

Best thing to do is spread the word about the /who LFG and teach people how to flag up for LFG. Its easy and frees you from sitting in the fleet like people are complaining they have to do. Simple process log on, type /who click the Looking For Group? box add a comment of what you are looking for then go do whatever until someone sends you a messege. Don't want to wait for someone to look for you? look for your self /who LFG read some comments invite people that are looking for same thing and fill in what you need with GC.

Honestly people need to be made aware of tools that are there and I think that is the main problem. If everyone flagged up for LFG then no one should have an issue finding a group.