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01.17.2012 , 06:48 PM | #1091
Its astonishing to see the amount of fanboys who would rather bash people who express their concerns and problems with the game (problems which affect thousands of people) rather than just try to get into the other persons boots.

We are paying the same amount or more due to currency rates in Europe, however we are getting a lower quality service for it, how can people not realise it is normal for some to voice their issue with such a fact?

I have yet to see one single valid point in favor of these joint maintenance times. It is not our job nor our place to keep Bioware happy, its the other way around. So although a lot of US players seem to think the game revolves around them simply because the company is based in the US, the company is offering a product internationally and there is a large % of player base outside of the US.

On another note, some people seem to think we want the same joint maintenance times to continue, but just on a time frame which would suit us EU players better, however that is not the case.. We simply ask to be offered a different time frame for EU server maintenance, i.e. split maintenance. A service which has been offered by multiple other companies and multiple mmo's and which should have become the norm by now, specially with such amounts of preorders as this game had, its not like this could be a huge surprise to them, and if it is, even more worrying.

As i mentioned in an earlier post, the downtime barely affects me as i am busy most morning and afternoons and can only play late evenings, however that does not mean i'm going to sit back and just accept a lower quality service for an inflated price. I also mentioned there are quite a few other issues which have all grouped up together to make me cancel my subscription. A response from a dev saying "we are aware of the issue and are looking into it" no longer feels like "oh, hey, they're actually listening". It has just become their response to everything and little action seems to have been taken to fix issues which were already reported in beta. I can understand certain issues are of larger magnitude than one may think, but there are plenty of small things.

So yea, people, continue in the same line of thought... "if we don't complain we get things done" yup, that's usually how it works. If we don't demand a quality service, it seems we wont get it, and even after demanding it (which we shouldn't need to) it remains uncertain if we will receive a quality service. "The squeeky wheel gets the grease"

Perhaps we got it all wrong and their number crunching determined they don't want to grow any larger and are already at optimum labor force as well as capital and just expect the player base to reach equilibrium at a lower population size, would explain why they're so willing to alienate a large proportion of their subscribers.

Then again, having server maintenance during EU work times, would mean being able to pay EU people standard wages for standard work times.. One can never be sure about where some companies will want to save a buck in order to increase their profits. Im no expert but i guess the numbers will tell them if they need to stop alienating non US subscribers. Which is why unsubscribing might get the message out to them.
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