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01.17.2012 , 06:12 PM | #31
Sat on my butt yelling in /1 in Fleet 'DPS lfg for any HMs' for about 5 hours straight on Friday. Didn't get into a single group. Whispered immediately to two different group leaders when they advertised that they were looking for 1 more DPS. First said sorry full, so did the second except he admitted that he took an Assassin dps guy instead cause he didn't want to compete with me for gear after I asked him how someone else managed to beat me at whispering to him as quick as I could. He then suggested that I should respect to tank if I want an easier time finding groups...

In the end I decided to try out PvP because there was nothing else to do.

I don't know if a LFG tool will improve on that experience significantly; but it's gotta help because you can't really do worse then have people be unable to get into a group for generic PvE content.