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This statement is the most false statement I have seen all day long.

Force is BY FAR the slowest stat to regen in the game, if you run out of Force you may as well just /quit because you wont be getting that force back anytime soon.

My friend that I play with has played our main raid healer for every MMO since 1999 EQ and He has played a Sorcerer, Operative, and now a Commando being a main healer for all 3.

From watching him play and what he says the Commando is far and above the better healer of the 3, followed by the Operative, and then way down at the bottom was the Sorc.

At 50, yes Sorcs get better, but their mana issues are much more problematic than those of Commandos/Scoundrels

When you get enough crit you will NEVER run out of force. The sorc is by far the best healer in the game currently, followed by BH and OP.

To the OP, if you like sith then you cannot go wrong creating a sorc, it's the strongest for PvE and PvP at the moment, and even if the others are buffed to bring them in line you will still be as good (and probably when you look at the talents/trees - prob still a little better).