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01.17.2012 , 06:08 PM | #1
I just had a lovely conversation with someone who stated that two people of the same specialized class would not work well in a group.

And in this person's exact words, this is his reasoning:
Him: "Oh sorry group with two advanced classes won't work well."
*You have been removed from the part*
Me: "huh?"
Him: "Just a general flashpoint mantra"
Me: "wat"
Him: "You don't stack same classes in a group of 4"
Me: You won't group because we are both sorcs?"
Him "Yes, just sort of like how you shouldnt roll on a light piece willpower/endurance armor when you have an assassin in the team [and you're sorc's]"
"Youd actually just roll on the same armor peice you already have for the mods and place it in pants you already own"
"Its just mmo rules that some ppl are more familar with than others depending on how often you play mmorpgs"
"Thats all, srry"
Me: "K, ive been looking for a group for that mission for about 3 hours now, gl finding one following that rule"
Him: "Its okay, I dont NEED to do it."
"And if that were true, we wouldnt be able to find a 3rd of 4th anyways"
Me" "You make no sense... Won't group with another sorc is just being stupid... Theres no reason. If gear drops, you both need, problem solved."
Him: "Thats not the reason why..."
"I understand this is a hard concept for you to grasp, but im not really here to educate you"
*Player is now ignoring you*

What does he mean? It was just Cademimu... It wasnt a hard mode flash point or anything...

I am so confused