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The desire for a LFG tool is to remove the cumbersome process of getting X people together, heading to Y location and doing Z. No one wants to spend (a lot) of time getting a group together, and many people don't want to be 'trapped' in Fleet waiting for a group to form. PvP is easier simply as you can go out, do quests and queue/PvP whenever to break up the play time.

I'm curious now if a LFG channel exists on my server, as that's a good idea to help alleviate the trap issue, but I certainly don't want a wow-esque LFG tool. The result I saw was anyone with a decent network of friends/acquaintances would get as many together as possible, tolerate the PUG player(s) as needed and play. However, many players I knew skipped the PUGs entirely. You can argue that LFG didn't do anything to wow, but I think you can look at how changes following the tool reveals that Blizzard had to keep enticing the system to the point it penalized guild/friend groups simply as they didn't 'pug' players. LFR pretty much is the pinnacle of 'gimme' in this regard.

Aside, still the best laugh of general: "Group LFM Tank & Healer".

I recognize people want to show up, and play 'anything' in the game, but I get the impression people don't want to invest into a community by talking, networking, grouping. If putting that effort out is too much, then you're getting exactly what you've worked for - nothing. I'm having a blast, doing Ops, PvP, etc. with a group of 15-20 people. Open up, say "Hi, nice to meet you.", run a flashpoint, and whisper the solid players if they'd like to run another or if you could add them to a friends list. Look them up politely later for other groups. It's not that hard.

Get out of your shell people. You'll be amazed how competent playing and being polite will get you networking.