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01.17.2012 , 04:57 PM | #6
Forget the question about weather it could support the shield or not. Think about it this way, it was so heavily armored/armed why would you bother making the room for one? Nothing anyone had could scratch it, the only way to hurt it was to get inside it.

At that point it becomes the standard cost/benefit problem, why would you use X amount of power and X ammount of room when you can use that X ammount of room and power for other things? such as making your planet destroying laser that much more powerful?

at that point keeping the generator on the planet allows it to be used AFTER the second was completed to allow for it to cover a Third should they have chosen to build a third.

A question i always wondered was how did the thing even move? the engines had to have had Massive exhaust ports(and there would have been exhaust ports since EVERY OTHER star ship in the entire universe has them) but iv never seen a single engine exhaust on the thing.