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They really need to open up the existing companions before they start worrying about adding new companions. The current companions are tied in nicely to the class story and that certainly helps to build that emotional attachment they want players to have with their companions.

Adding in a set of second hand companions with (at best) peripheral impact on that story simply to throw those who want same gender relations a bone would be rather insulting (though not as insulting as having been excluded from the start).

Not to mention the fact that it would be a lot less work. All that needs done (if it isn't already) is to record the PC VO for same gender romances. All the companion work is already done.
This is what I agree with. Maybe there'd be a few line changes for gender, but otherwise I don't see how much would really have to be done.

I've actually been saving all my Courting gifts on my Consular for Nadia, and once I get her I won't do any of her companion quests until I know what the deal is. Luckily that won't hurt my gameplay too much, seeing as Tharan fits my playstyle best.

However, I DO think BioWare at least needs to give us some indication of not only when this will be done, but how they're going to do it, since there seems to be a good number of people changing their companion gifting strategies based on what may be coming.