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I am pretty sure that Bioware has nixed the idea of existing companions being turned bi. I'd still like clarification, though, especially about how these SGRAs will be implemented.

I'm actually heartily sick of Kaliyo, having had her as my main companion for 24 levels (by which I mean, out and following me around, purportedly tanking but spending much of her time lying down on the job!). My Agent is pure light sided, so their personalities clash quite a bit, and I find her just a little too abrasive and stupidly brutish. I sincerely hope when they add SGRA to the game, she's not the only female option available for my Agent.

Also, I think some people are reading too much into Kaliyo's personality. There is a part of me actually hoping she turns out to be straight, not to dash the hopes of the people who like her, but because it would be going against the usual trope of the tough, irreverent butch woman being gay or bi. Straight women can be tough, irreverent, and butch too, you know! (says the soft butch, geeky, gay woman.)
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