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01.17.2012 , 04:30 PM | #8
I've run Black Talon, False Emperor, Boarding Party and The Foundry on hard mode more times than I really want to count. For all my time I've gotten Columi Bracers and Chest, energized boots and gloves, and enough tionese crystals and commendations to buy a pair of pants. Add to that the fact that my only loot out of our guild's first Op was an ENERGIZED helm. Why does a set who's only distinguishing factor is that it's exactly the same as the tier 1 set but doesn't give set bonuses even exist?

Your suggestion isn't terrible, but we could honestly do better by just changing crystals to commendations, and cutting the price for the Tionese gear by like 20%. WoW had badges of heroism and those worked fine, and then switched over to justice/valor points and those worked alright too. It's just dependent on the numbers.

Also, our tank has done literally ages of PvP, and has almost two full sets of champion gear for his trouble. Maybe PvP is just the way to go to gear up for PvE?