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01.17.2012 , 04:19 PM | #23
restructuring existing romances seems to make sense for some companions to be sure. Characters in the AI storyline comes to mind, Kaliyo's been mentioned, but im also wondering about Vector as a SS option. It would make my male Ai happy at least . I would roll a female to try out the romance, but I honestly want it to my male toon. It seems to fit with whats happening in Vector's story arch anyway.

Other characters, I just can't see, at least not yet. Quinn comes to mind, but at the same time it would be absolutely hilarious to see this guy in love with a giant male SW XD

In all honestly, I would just love the choice. How hard would it be to make it a thing you turn on and off in preferences? That way if you don't want it cause it doesn't roll with your head cannon, then its easily turned off with a check mark.

For example say I want to play a female AI but want the middle choices still for the story progression *like the male has) but I don't want to flirt. Turn buddy gay, or turn yourself on as lesbian in preferences, and run with it. For those of us who want alot of action, let us choose "bi" for our character. And for those who are deathly afraid of gays in general can just say no to it all and they would never have to see the "flirt" option for their character on the sex they don't want to bang.