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Im not 50 but i totally agree with this idea. LRG and the newest evil LFR killed the wow community or need to know any member of the community or even be in a guild. Hit a button, see the content, be a jerk, never been seen again. No ties, no responsibility, no reason to care about the ppl you are working with...

I hope we never see it in this game.
Sorry but you are just plain wrong. I'm in a large WoW guild, and it can take hours (yes hours) to get a group going for anything. Wait for this, and wait for that. Wait 5 minutes for so and so to finish something that often drags to 30 minutes. Wait for Joe Blow's girl friend to complete whatever; wait for Jane Doe's boy friend to come and tank... the list is literally endless. With LFD and LF Raids, players can continue play the game and HAVE FUN while in LFG queue and not have to count on Tom, Dick, and Harrys in your contact list.

Once again for those that missed the memo, waiting around in chat channels spamming "LFG Directive 7" does nothing to build "community." NOTHING!