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Ironic that you post a link to this fallacy, without providing any support to your argument in your own words. Just because its a fallacy to say that the LFD/LFR tools alone are responsible for the decline of the WoW community, doesn't mean they didn't contribute.

Having said that, I agree with the OP to an extent. The LFR/LFD tools did a lot to damage the community by removing the need to not be a douche, so that you don't get a bad name on your server. With more anonymity, one doesn't have to worry about the repercussions of their actions. In fact, these tools heavily promote solo-based play because you can be completely guildless and still do all the content. Solo-based play is pretty much the opposite of what an MMO promotes.

I agree that we do not need such an auto-group-finding tool in SWTOR. In fact, on my server we started a global LFG channel because Bioware did not implement one for us. We regularly have 50+ people on the channel and its growing as more people hit level 50 and tell others about it. We form groups from this channel regularly. We made it so that we could go out and do our dailies or w/e and still be able to find a group.