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01.17.2012 , 03:27 PM | #1
I have only done 5 Hard Flashpoints at this point, they have gone as follows:

Black Talon - Loot ninja's, not Biowares fault, not really upset with that one.

Boarding Party - Spend a couple hours in here to have the loot chest bug out and remain locked. Submitted a ticket to a GM regarding it, got a response but no recoup for my time.

Boarding Party - Same as above, with the exception of dying as we killed the final boss, couldn't get back into the Flashpoint to receive the loot, regardless of the fact the chest was bugged again.

Black Talon - Again, no problems here.

Directive 7 - Spent roughly 3 hours in here, progressing through the fight, finally kill the Mentor, and have my client close for no reason. Log back in, still in the instance but my screen is totally bugging out, reload to try to fix issue, kicked back to imperial fleet. Reinvited to group and again cannot zone in to receive loot.

Again, this is roughly 7-8 hours of PLAYED time that I have receive nothing for. Seems like a good way to lose customers. If these issues aren't fixed in a very near patch I will not be spending my 15 dollars a month here, instead I will go back to boring old World of Warcraft where I can fly around in circles and not worry about weather time invested will net me something or not.