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01.17.2012 , 03:23 PM | #18
As the title says, im so fed up with this game not having an LFG tool, i can't simply care a flying duck about the pro's here arguing about the LFG tool from WoW would destroy this game bla bla bla, not having one WOULD infact destroy this game, as i have absolutly NO intention of subsribing untill it has.

As it stands right now, im not much for PvP, i wanna do Flashpoints, but it takes forever to get groups together, not to mention finding a healer lol... And the groups you DO get together could infact be so inferior that loosing that bad person could ruin your whole group, MOST of the time it actually does destroy the group (Wich is lame as duck)..

Now, SWTOR (EA, BioWare) NEEDS their subscribers, and i really mean ALL of em, the pro's, the noobs, and the CASUALS like me, if they don't, this game turns very fast from a very ANTICIPATED game, to a more, DEAD game within months...

Now, give me this LFG tool ASAP, the current tool is pure garbage.

I couldnt care less about Cross Realm LFG, but a more Automated ON REALM LFG tool, thats my idea, FOR NOW.. Untill the realm LFG tool becomes inferior that is..