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Sorry, but citing your experience from your server has no bearing at all on other servers, so your opinion (in the circumstances that you stated) is completely invalid.
Except for the fact that the person I quoted made a blanket statement regarding being level 50 before posting anything as if that made some massive difference and the opinion of the OP would be swayed by hitting a certain level. Do not discount my opinion just because you dont agree with it. It is perfectly valid. Especially considering I play Republic side, which is the least played faction no matter what server you are on. Furthermore, I am referencing my experience as one who was above the leveling curve (50 by the end of the second week) on my server making it even more difficult to find groups than someone in the leveling process now. It still is not an issue if you use even a fraction of effort. And the amount of time trying to get a group together is no different, and in many cases much much faster, than being a dps in WoW and waiting for their PoS system to match you into a group when tanks queue instantly.