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01.17.2012 , 03:00 PM | #9
I have seen the pylons fail to drop the shield several times as well, when the pilon basically lands on his head, its such a important mechanic to the fight since you really cannot afford to miss any so some sort of targeting aid may would be a nice addition it could be something as small as a tiny shadow would be all the tank really needs, most importantly the have to fix the issue where SOA poof's if the tank is mind trapped, we have a assasin taunt him when this happens now which helps but he still poof's the odd time. I think a nice mechanic would be possibly to have either having to kill the mob inside or be broken free, which i think may be the intent as well, why else put that mob in there,but cause say you have one dps's being tossed, the other in a trap it can really set you back a ton of dps
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