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The current system is SO frustrating.

First I want to say I do NOT have a loot entitlement mentality. I'm totally fine working for and earning what I get. But this current system won't let you do that.

I've lead over 10 HM Maelstrom runs, mostly with friends but also organizing and leading pugs. the past 10 runs, there have been 8 consular boots (No consular was in the group ever) and 2 smugglers.

I got tired of leading and organizing so I joined a group that had another trooper in it and the boots FINALLY drop for trooper, and the other guy gets it. Now I know there is such a thing as luck of the roll but at least SWG had a system that after you've run at MAX 5 of the same instance you can then buy that heroic piece.

This current system is horrible. I've run every instance at least 10 times each and now can finally buy tionese gear. This makes grouping bad cause why in the world would someone want to join a group with another of their class in it? Since there is no hard and fast 'beat X instances X amount of times and you can buy a piece of gear' it makes doing HM's incredibly frustrating. Usually I just end up with a fancy repair bill and some crystals.

Again, I'm fine with the difficulty and the challenge, but the loot drops/Comm rewards need to be reworked. My suggestion would be in line of SWG's where each instance drops a specific instance token. Like the Hard Mode False Emperor drops a False Emperor Token.

Example: To buy the Columi Chest Piece you must first acquire:
The False Emperor Token x5
Maelstrom Prison Token x3
Directive 7 Token x5

This system would allow ppl hope if they continually the lose a roll or if loot doesn't drop. Because in 5 runs, if they continue to lose rolls, they can just buy a piece.

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