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Pylon is hardly an issue, our tank gets it 100% of the time. Mind Traps aren't a huge issue until you get two of them up at the same time. Which we only had happen on HM because of dps switching priority's to boss.
I agree that there is definately a curve that develops when the tank gets used to working around the limitations for spotting and positioning. And I am looking forward to giving it a jab on Nightmare mode soon. I suppose that the point I wanted to get through a bit more clearly was that there are clunky elements that should be smoothed out. I'm not sure if saying "It's the final boss of the first raid" is a cop out or an excuse on my part for wanting to see a change toward the easier/more accessible, but I can't help but think it.

Also, from a nightmare mode raider perspective, what are your thoughts on Mind Traps as a mechanic for the trapee? Does it not matter since your ops group is balanced, skilled, and geared enough to destroy them quickly, or would you rather see something else in place for the victim of the trap to contribute to the fight?

I'm more interested in the design philosophy approach to the fight than the execution, but I guess they are one in the same, eh? Anyway, I want to hear more of your thoughts.