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Quote: Originally Posted by zacharySW View Post
Hey! The grass is greener on the other side.

Dude, go ahead and spend your time making FANTASTIC mods! And you know what? You can replace every one of them with commendations at the end of a planet, or just buy new ones from the mod guy at the begining of a planet.

Then, wonder of wonders, you can hit 50 where your PvP gear doesn't even use mods, and your PvE gear already had better mods.

You can't win dude. Crafting is meant to be something to do while you level, it isn't meant to gear you, to gear your companions, or to make you money. Its just for fun.
I'm usually 3-5 levels over a planet by the time I first step on. By the time I can buy the blue mods from it, they're now like 3 tiers or more below what I can make.

The way i see it purple synth gear is better than purple modded gear due to the augment slot, but you only have to learn one purple mod per level you want purple gear at. You have to RE each individual purple piece with weaving.