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inb4 "l2p nub"

at an entry level, which some of our raiders are still in blues/oranges, soa does definitely provide a steep challenge. You could argue that the double-disable of mindtrap/bounce forces the raid to be "on their toes" and have the flexibility that a well-functioning raid team should have. As a healer, it's quite a pain in the dick when I go to brain room in the last 6% and the other healer gets bounced around, because damage can get silly, especially if the tank eats falling pillar.

The encounter could use some tweaking, if only for the "this doesn't matter so why is it there" method of the add that hits like a daisy and has less hp than a red-headed stepchild. I feel like this add was either supposed to have more health or hurt soa or something. I have no idea. Maybe it's just a loan from Nightmare Mode where the brain room add actually hurts or has to be killed to make soa vulnerable.

The fight atm feels a little disjointed, but I think the crux of the strangeness just comes from that brain room. Not saying it's broken, because it's killable and it works, but some mechanics change making it less wonky would be awesome