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01.17.2012 , 01:14 PM | #30
While I understand that some might feel "why not just shut up and raid over the weekend if you care this much about progression" I hope those people try to see why this is an issue. Running a high end raiding guild is a lot of work, and adhering to a schedule is something that is needed for stability. Bioware/EA changing the rules and releasing content patches whenever they feel really needs to be re-thinked... if they care about the end game raiding community at all.
If you're really worried about strong competitive progression, then yes you will raid whenever you need to. On the other hand, if you're not in any progression races (and who is right now? Does anyone even track this stuff yet?) then why does it matter when the patch drops? Just raid whenever the next scheduled raid is.

Honestly the high-end raiding community in MMO's is never happy anyway. Coming from server-first raiding guilds in both EQ and WoW, I can say that the guild chat in these sorts of guilds is really just a never-ending pile of:

"There's too many bosses"
"There's not enough bosses"
"Attunements and keys suck, get rid of them"
"Casuals are getting into my raids now, why aren't there keys or attunements?"
"Gating sucks"
"Why wasn't this gated"
"Trash is boring"
"Why didn't this place have trash"
"RNG drops suck, make it easier"
"Casuals are getting loot, make it harder"

Eventually I think developers learn that they're not going to make everyone happy and they just have to do their best to release the best product they can.