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A "simple" toggle to completely remove the hood wouldn't probably be an issue.
What I suspect they want, is having the hood actually displayed as hanging down your back and that may cause issues as the hood seems to be a seperate piece replacing the character's hair (on some robes a slight gap is noticable between the robe and the hood from certain angles). This would probably require a set of new animations, which may be the issue here.
It would not require new animations. Some earlier robes are hoodless but quite clearly have a *DOWN* hood behind the head. It's just a folded up hood that's static.

At that point, I wondered why I had no "HOOD UP" option to raise the hood on those pieces. That was before I realized I would get sick of hoods and want to go the other way later.

That static folded hood look is all that's needed, and it's already in game. The most possible labor to be done on it artwork-wise is a palette swap to match different colored chestpieces.

Bioware, this SWTOR fanboy will give you lots of money to continue to subscribe. I want to be a powerful Jedi who controls the Force and combat with expert precision. I want to inspire awe in my enemies and be able to manipulate time and space...and take down my hood.
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