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Quote: Originally Posted by Krazy_Karl View Post
This might be the most self-important post I have ever seen on the forums. Congratulations.

I don't know about anyone else, but you kind of are coming off like a jerk yourself, as if your opinion is the only one that matters.

I'm not affiliated with NA at all, but his post was well thought out and honest. There is nothing wrong with scheduling maintenance windows on a regular basis, so people can schedule their gaming around it. I work long days, I try to squeeze gaming in where time permits (taking care of the family and such taking the priority) - its kind of frustrating to just be blindsided by a surprise patch in the middle of the day that should have just been done in the maintenance window, or delayed till the next one. This isnt a beta anymore, people pay for their gametime.

The second thing I took from that post was the new raid expansion on the hutt palace being completely untested due to their lack of allowing meaningful end-game participation on the PTR, along with the lack of bug fixes to existing raids (and hardmode encounters for flashpoints).

For a game that costed this much money and is now live, some of these bug fixes are mind-boggling. Random death for standing there, random death when a speeder lands, VoE console puzzle having to be done in a very specific order or the entire instance bugs out completely and has to be reset.... marauder bleed bugging out duel of fates, and I wont even go into the soa hardmode bugs. Just read some of the other threads on this stuff it isnt hard info to find.

It just boggles my mind that you think the endgame doesn't matter. There doesn't have to be a neverending plethora the first few months into the game, but it should certainly work right and be a priority. Even if you don't raid, there are enough bugs in just the hard mode flashpoint instances to justify everything he said in his post. It needs testing on the PTR. Period.