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If it doesn't concern them, it should. I'd gues that the majority of people who have played wow "since vanilla" are people primarily concerned with either end game PvP or PvE content.

We may not be the bulk of the current player base, but we're the ones that keep our subs going consistently, rather than playing for a month or 2, then dropping for 3 months, then coming back.

The pertinent expression is "one in the hand vs 2 in the bush".
Right, you just explained WHY they shouldn't focus on catering to the 1% of the "hardcore." Many people sub for 1 or 2 months and leave, agreed. So maybe if they cater to them, instead of the 1% of the population that resubscribes consistently, they'll sub for months to come! Fact is, the uber hardcore progression raider is a sheep. They will consistently flock to the most juicy content and pay their subscription. Evidence: see every so called hardcore MMO released in the past 15 years.
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