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01.17.2012 , 11:40 AM | #16
I would agree with you on the point that they should stick to a maintenance pattern in that I would rather they just wait till next tuesday, or whichever tuesday its ready, than having an extended downtime on a thursday. Apart from that though I think you need to chillax, I am a fan of progression guilds, but right now there is no progression even with 1.1 announced. Serious progression will only occur once bioware has the time to set out a schedule of "raid" content releases. Currently their priorities are bugs, legacy system, bugs, guild functionality, bugs, class balancing, bugs.... feel free to chime in if I miss something. Point of the matter being you need to recognize that operations alone are likely not a programming priority and progression even less so, and that you and your guild will need to content yourselves on the other aspects of the game until such time as BW can make raid progression a reality. The stories for some of the classes are good enough for me to keep leveling alts in the meantime, perhaps that would be a good avenue for your efforts, would make your ops groups more versatile.