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01.17.2012 , 11:22 AM | #13
No kidding Bioware really needs to fix the way they are fixing things. Maybe they could release an internal patch for their patching system??

I get that its nice to have a schedule. It's also nice to not implement things until they are working properly. You are right that they shouldn't even announce a date until they have everything squared away and ready to go. But personally, I would rather have the patch on Thursday rather than on next Tuesday, even if that means another guild that can raid on the weekends might get ahead of your guild that was planning to do it on Tuesday and Wednesday.

I assure you, your life will go on, and you will still be able to raid next week just like you would if they delayed it a full week. Even if some other guild got to do it before you on Saturday night (OMG NOOOO!!!!)

BW's biggest mistake was making the leveling process too easy and fast. Too many people were level 50 within days of the release date (or even before its realease date with early access), expecting a MMO in its infancy to be as fully polished and perfect in its endgame as another one that has had 7 years and billions of dollars to set the standard.

They are fixing things. They aren't always going to do it on a schedule that is perfect for you. Get over it.