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Will there be the ability to raise/lower hoods on Jedi Robes via a command? We've seen many different robe variations but very few without a hood down. I'd very much like to have the choice. Thank you!

We know this is wanted, but it's more work than you might expect. It may come in the future.
- StephenReid

TBH I call BS, I think they just are holding back gear and ruining peoples first play-through s of the story for the sake of being lazy and cutting design time down later on for future patches.

A "simple" toggle to completely remove the hood wouldn't probably be an issue.
What I suspect they want, is having the hood actually displayed as hanging down your back and that may cause issues as the hood seems to be a seperate piece replacing the character's hair (on some robes a slight gap is noticable between the robe and the hood from certain angles). This would probably require a set of new animations, which may be the issue here.

Edit; It might have been a better solution to have the hoods as actual headgear from the start, rather than having them as part of the chestpiece.
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