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Dear Friends,

Before I get flamed by people, please understand this is our opinion and the intended audience are people that are interested in progression raiding.

With the news of 1.1 getting delayed "by a few days" I feel now is the time to share our feelings on end game progression with SW:TOR. NA and other guilds have invested a lot of time into SW:TOR, and I believe many of us felt that 1.1 would be the first true progression worthy content patch. (You can also read more of our thoughts on end-game content and SW:TOR in general

Due to SW:TOR release including numerous leveling bugs, early access, and different start dates for different people, we felt that 1.1 would provide the first equal opportunity for guilds that wish to compete in end game progress could. We now find ourselves in the position of BioWare/EA deciding to screw things up.

Weekly maintenance / patches mean nothing if they're constantly delayed and pushed back to a new random date. Being told for the past 2 weeks in a row now that patches would come out Tuesday, only to learn later they wouldn't be coming out until Thursday (or later) is a serious issue that BioWare needs to re-think. If a patch isn't ready, then you probably shouldn't announce to everyone that it will be released. To add to this point, if it's not going to be released on a Tuesday, then wait until the next scheduled maintenance (the following Tuesday) to release it.

Having these random releases for patches is yet again screwing over the end game progression community. Speaking for ourselves, we set our raid schedule around patches being deployed on Tuesday, which gives us most of the week to progress. IF it's released on Thursday, you're now going to force us to raid over the weekend just to remain competitive.

While I understand that some might feel "why not just shut up and raid over the weekend if you care this much about progression" I hope those people try to see why this is an issue. Running a high end raiding guild is a lot of work, and adhering to a schedule is something that is needed for stability. Bioware/EA changing the rules and releasing content patches whenever they feel really needs to be re-thinked... if they care about the end game raiding community at all.

Finally, the fact that SW:TOR doesn't currently offer character transfer, or pre-made level 50's to test end game content on the PTR speaks volumes to us. I remember multiple times when other MMOs would offer pre-mades with gear so people could test end game content. We hope that we don't see the issues we saw in 1.0, but given no one really tested it on the PTR we're not holding our breath.
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