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Revan will start casting lightning 10 seconds after his lightning storm, the tank needs to pop cooldowns, and the interrupt needs to be as soon as you see it. We got him past that point a few times, but each time after that he wouldn't start his speech and would bubble or not bubble and wipe us over and over again. Tried stopping at 5 and 6% and then the last time at about 10% and waited for his second lightning storm and then burn him down, but he still didn't start his speech.

Once this is fixed, the zone should be pretty easy.
^^ the 10 second timer makes catching the FL channel and shrouding the 1st tick easily repeatable. The tricksy part, as Loy mentions, is the buggy aspect of Revan's bubble and his defeated scripting not triggering. Anyone out there have success with knowing when to stop dps to not push past his bubble trigger? With 1.1 being pushed back to iron out bugs with the new FP and Op we'll definitely be bashing our heads against this wall for the next week.