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What he meant was that the storyline/setting for the game was already written before the comics came out. Indeed, it was probably the first thing fully developed during the game's development period. The comics grew out of this and, being on a much shorter creation period, were released first to add more backstory/satisfy those waiting for the game's story.

In all likelihood, the comics' stories and the game's story were developed together. One just happened to be released first. So even though the comics are "before" the game, in terms of both release and time period, they were not developed separately then folded into the game's canon. In fact, pretty much all SW EU during this period comes from this game's development (being 300 years since the last games/comics and a couple thousand from the next set of EU works).

As for me, my happiness at the shoutouts comes from somewhere in between your liking the Old Republic Era comics and VoxTheHero's Tales of the Jedi. I was wondering if they were going to tie in anything from The KotoR comic, and it's nice to see they did. "Carrick" Station, mentioning the Rakghouls' origins as a Sith creation (though, I don't remember if that was established outside of the Comic first), the covering of the basic arc in the Datacron histories. Always fun to see things like that. Too bad I went Imperial first.

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