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01.17.2012 , 09:24 AM | #5
Personally I have to admit that I actually prefer the Old Republic and "Prequel" setting to the original movies, and for that reason I've never really managed to get into the period that followed "Return of the Jedi". Nor have I watched any of the "Clone Wars" cartoon stuff. The way characters are drawn/depicted just makes me want to throw up. (Monentary sidetrack: when did cartoons have to stop looking like real humans and adults, and turn into those wierd abominations we see today!?).

Overall, however, I do believe that the EU brought some nice additional details to the Star Wars setting, and I also find that I prefer the EU take on the Force, rather than the very black/white approach taken by the movies. It works for movies and "kiddie stories", but personally I find that "shades of grey" are far more interesting.