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There is no reason why I, or my raid, should have to fight the game's UI or the camera rather than the incredibly straightforward game mechanics.

Make a shadow fall where the pylon lands, or allow the camera to be zoomed out further.
there is a reason, you want to kill the boss, if the boss involves having an idea what goes on in the boss fight room, its part of it.

why would you want a circle when you have a BIG FLYING PYLON. Im tanking this boss too, and yeah, i had a few problems the first tries, but thats what raiding is, its learning and getting a feel for it until you know where and how far you have to drag the boss.

If you really want a streamlined boss fight where everything is shown and told to you, then hope that bioware gives you an easier version than normal, maybe you are happy then.

and again, its the one and only encounter that needs a tank that has a clue about what hes doing. and what happens? people find it to hard to pull a boss under 4 pylons. this boggles my mind.
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