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01.17.2012 , 08:31 AM | #1
Quick question for you!

So after two weeks of 8 man normals, bugged loot, bugged bosses, death by speeders, etc., we swtiched to HM and have been progressing through them without much concern.

Now we are fielding a 16 man team, so with the undergeared folks we are going to start them on Normal while maintaining our 8 man HMs.

Question is, Is there any damn way to change the loot so it's not automatcially distributed? Cause it's really going to Pi$$ me off if my Rakata geared folks get assigned Colmni gear, and I have no option to give it to my new raiders instead.

This hasn't really concerned us because we geared together in 8 mans and started HM's but now that we have 8 geared and 8 not so geared, will master looter (fixed hopefully) allow us to distribute to who we want to?

If not, then it's broken.