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01.17.2012 , 07:44 AM | #21
I get Soa under the pylons maybe 7 out of 8 times... We have wiped and got bugged out many attempts, and I did tank the first Soa kill on our server..

7-8 times is not good enough.... If you miss one of those things it takes a miracle for your raid to kill the boss... Its possible... but with enrage and people getting trapped and stuff you just dont have enough time..

Sure If we were playing baseball 7 for 8 would be awesome but in this encounter if the tank misses 1 of 4... that attempt is pretty much a wash.. You can get a 5th one if enrage didnt hit and kill you.. Or if tank didnt get mind trapped and have Soa Reset.

I have had the assassin immediately taunt Soa if tank gets mind trapped and I think that has prevented him from reseting.. we shall see.